Friday, November 11, 2011

A November's day in Pennsylvania

Our first snow fall this morning, captured on the Hill Garden:
Rosa 'The Fairy' in all her glory
The same exact area this afternoon: 
Colorful fall tapestry unveiled
That is our gardening life in Pennsylvania Zone 5.


  1. glorious roses stopped blooming last week with the freeze we had...

  2. It is almost surreal. The rose is gorgeous against the snow. We had our first frost last night. Sadly, it took a lot of the more tender foliage.

  3. Ah, magnificent! No Roses blooming here and I am sad. But your photos lifted my spirits again! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ahh! I think you should frame that rose in the snow picture. What a lovely study in contrasts. : )

  5. I love those flowers. The snowfall just enhances their beauty. I'm glad it melted though. No point in rushing things. :)


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