Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clematis 'Fairy Dust' in November

Clematis 'Fairy Dust'
Clematis 'Fairy Dust', was added to one of the trellises around the Circle Lawn in May. It, with help from the four other new vines that month, brought the total Clematis count at Gilmore Gardens to eleven.
Clematis 'Fairy Dust' on trellis closest to Shade Path
I sited it as best I could to suit a baby Clematis: rich, well-drained and well-mulched soil, its roots in the shade and narrow bars to grab a hold of with its wrists as it reaches for the full sun over head.

Clematis 'Fairy Dust' is expected to reach 10-12 feet, hardy zones 4-8 and usually blooms in early summer...
But this year, it has given me flowers in November; a rare treat indeed!


  1. Clematis are one of my favorite plants! I have gotten quite a rebloom this year too from my clematis, which I am thrilled about. Your 'Fairy Dust' will be so pretty on your trellis!

  2. Fairy Dust is a pretty clematis. I never saw this one before. It looks to be happy climbing the trellis.

  3. I am so happy to see a clematis bloom this time of year! What a lovely shade of dusty yellow... Thanks for all your comments. Your garden looks wonderful!

  4. Don't you just love this little blessings...My Belle Of Woking and Crystal Fountain clematis did the same thing

  5. Beautiful. Eleven clematis! Wish I had so many. They are such pretty plants. And so dainty.

  6. That is a very pretty clematis - adding to my list. Planning on adding lots next year to the garden


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