Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Gardening Task #6: Planting Spring/Summer Bulbs of course!

I love spring, so I find it hard to turn down just about any bulb. Luckily, since I found these great sister companies, I can afford a lot more than just a couple. (They are not paying me to say this btw).

John Scheepers and Van Engelen sell their bulbs at sometimes half of the price you might see anywhere else. I highly recommend checking them out. And if you go to their websites at this time of year, you can often get some steals on bulb sales. They are also likely to be running out of some of the most popular tulips by November, so it is better to order in September if your heart if set on a certain bloom for spring.

Here is a sneak preview of what will be blooming at Gilmore Gardens next spring/summer:
for the Front Woodland, Curb and Shade Path...
the Hill Garden and Cherry Corner...
the Driveway Garden and the Circle Lawn...
I am working on planting 800 bulbs this week, so good thing it is sunny! I am usually out in the icy rain. 

 I am making another attempt this year of planting tulips in to containers.  My first try was a miserable failure (sorry Bev!). After a little research about bulb pots in zone 5, I am headed in the right direction. I plan on planting them up and putting them in in the garage before the first foot of snow. I am really excited about my combinations: shocking orange lily-flowered tulips (finally growing my first Tulipa Ballerina!) and Tulipa Virichic with white anemones (Anemone blanda White Splendor) and purple violas (which I will purchase in the spring).

Fall Gardening Tasks Series:
#1 Planting Lavender in wet climates
#2 New perennials for fall planting 

#3  Thin Perennial Seedlings

#4 Bring in the tender plants (more whimsy than informative)

#5 Mowing leaves into Turf


  1. Julie I love these companies as well. I find many unusual or hard to find bulbs there. And I love the sales. It looks like we are planting many of the same bulbs this year. I have already planted mine over a couple of weekends. nearly killed me to plant 1000+. Can't wait to see these in the spring. And thx for the planting in container tip...I have never had success either.

  2. I am envious. i vowed this year not to order bulbs as I have so many other plants I need to move this autumn and bulb planting rather gets in the way! I can't wait to see yours flowering in the spring a nd I'll have to hope mine repeat flower. Christina

  3. Thanks! Seeing is believing..... great looking large bulbs!!

    Jo-Anne Clark

  4. are so gonna be loving spring next year!

  5. Good luck getting those 800 in Julie! I look forward to seeing them in action next spring.

  6. I too bought bulbs from the companies you mentioned. I love them! I can't wait to see your spring pictures.

  7. I am always looking for a good deal on bulbs...thanks! I just finished planting all my spring bulbs, so I look forward to the spring display.

  8. Bulbs are some of the most important, cheapest, and underused perennials. I plant bulbs,including tulips, in pots and then put them in a sheltered spot outside and cover them with a mound of ground leaves. In the spring they can be transferred to containers. Bulbs usually need a cold period to bloom so I am not sure what will happen if they are in your garage. I am in zone 6 though.

  9. Those bulbs look fabulous! Thanks for telling us where you get them. I try to remember to buy in July - they are sometimes on sale then before everyone tries to start ordering.

  10. Bulb count after the past couple of days: 440 planted... 360 to go!

    I should have included that I have ordered from these companies for six years and been pleased with their service also.

    Carolyn: Thanks for the helpful feedback!! Our garage is more like a shed - detached and uninsulated. I accidentally froze a whole box of squash from the farm market last year by leaving it in the garage in December. I think the tulips should be chill, but not so wet. That is my hope anyway.

  11. Wow, that is big-time bulb planting! Can't wait to see your garden photos next spring. We're thinking the same way!

  12. That is a lot of bulbs, I can imagine how gorgeous it will look once they blooms.


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