Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scenes from Havenwood, June 2015

The Rose Garden at just 9 months old.
Welcome to Pennsylvania in June! Flowers are popping out every moment, so it is hard to even keep up with seeing what is new, let alone sharing it. (Though I have been doing a better job on Instagram / Twitter !) These are the days when every walk through the garden reveals new delights... everything growing like crazy.

This is RHS testing week for me, so I am busy reviewing my list of 300 plants that I am supposed to know backwards & forwards. :) But I could not let this week get away without share a little of what is blooming here at our new garden, Havenwood....

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Magnolia 'Butterflies'

Magnolia acuminata x denudata 'Butterflies'
This was our first year with the lovely, lemon-oil scented, Magnolia 'Butterflies' at the edge of our Woodland garden. Even though we had another very cold winter, its buds outlasted it and came out on our sunny days in April.

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