Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weary, rainy day...

"How are you doing?" my friend asked me.

"...weary...", I said.  "I am doing pretty well at not taking it out on my kids - not being overly angry with them or constantly frustrated. But, inside, I just feel worn out."

It is a sleepy day today... with the rain coming down outside in cold November sheets. And though I know that the Lord sends it to refresh the parched plants in the ground- especially the ones newly moved and not given the luxury of a deep drink...

I do not feel refreshed.   

I feel worn.

And yet, is He not here today to give me  rain for my soul,

just as He cares for those dried out roots?

The plants need to prepare for the long winter ahead.

They will need the moisture that the rain brings today because soon the ground will be so hard, so frozen that they will not be able to drink.  Kind of like when summer sun dries everything to dust, there is a parched time also in the winter, with it's desiccating winds.

And if I do not drink today, when He gives it, how will I survive... or even enjoy... the next test that comes along the way?

"For every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights..."
James 1:17

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To "blog" or not to "blog"

This is a new beginning for me... one that I have wondered at for a while... wondered if I had "what it takes"... or even the desire... to write and put myself out for all to see... is it even worthwhile?  Would anyone care?

And in wondering this and gaining momentum and then promptly dismissing it, today I was confronted with thoughts and vision from ann about what it means to write and attempt to speak into the void of the internet... and that it usually is more of a step of faith to speak into the void that is in us first.

I still do not know... am still tentative.

But maybe I will try... even just a little.

But not anymore today...

Bloom 2010

Tulips Shirley and Cum Laude, Forget-me-nots, variegated yellow loose-strife, phlox sublagata and Heuchra 'Purple Palace'

Photos from this growing season at Gilmore Gardens... complete list in Photostream on Flickr
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