Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The best tree on our property...

Our Thankful tree from November
I had to take a few pictures to share before we took down our Thankful tree this week. My kids have loved this activity for November, and it has been infinitely enjoyable seeing what things come out of their hearts and minds. They woke up most mornings saying, "We need to do our thankful tree! We need to do our thankful tree!" But I think it was really me who took the most from it: a gentle reminder every morning not to take our life for granted, even with all of its twists and turns, sticky hands and dirty laundry. Everything is a gift from the Lord God after all.

We planted it in the living room by the girls door
You can guess my favorites :)


  1. Things like this are why you're my favorite.

  2. Very sweet, Julie! We did a thankful tree this year, oldest was so upset that it didn't get to stay up all year. :) And that last leaf surely is the best one in your entire garden.

  3. Julie what a wonderful activity and how lovely the enthusiasm shown...


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