Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shade Path ~ First Week of May 2011

Completing our series for the First Week of May...

A few nice views of our Shade Path, which is really just beginning to fill out with its fluff of forget-me-nots and hosta leaves.  Above is Narcissus 'Thalia' in front of our Anemone blanda 'Blue Shades'.
   Hydrangea petiolaris going up the maple tree... N. 'Thalia' dancing over our un-named Epimedium... Japanese forest grass just coming up in its chartreuse tufts...

The first signs of Cornus florida blooms (left)... And the Dicentra alba also dancing on the wind by the white-streaked hostas (right).

Pretty and fragrant N.'Thalia' surrounded by the sprouts of the perennial yellow foxglove, Digitalis grandiflora.

First blooms of the wood spurge, Euphorbia amygdaloides.

And one of my favorites almost here! Our double, white lilac (Syringa hyb.)

I will be trying to keep up with our current views as a way of journaling through the growing season this year.  Hope you enjoy reading along! Let me know what you like! 

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  1. Such pretty, lush combinations!

  2. I like the idea of the same view journal. It really is a good idea to keep a record like this throughout the year. My foxglove does return, but does not ever seem to reseed. The forget-me-not reseed like crazy and in the craziest places too. I too have Thalia and it is later blooming than other daffs.

  3. Lovely shade garden and I like the beauty of its natural look...I have some shade gardens but they are not weeded or looks much nicer so better get going soon...


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