Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Garden Girl

So cute! I had to share... Mommy that I am. :)

My little girl Grace received a kiddie camera for her birthday (after the cake!).  She carefully took a few pictures and then said, "Now I need a little computer so that I can make a little blog like Mommy."

So, Mommy helped her out.

 *Photo credits for this post to Grace at Gilmore Gardens


  1. What an exciting birthday gift for her! How old did Grace turn? I remember getting my first camera. Finally I could follow my dad around (who is a professional photographer) and take pictures. It must be a great compliment that your little girl finds what you do so interesting.

  2. How exciting!! Happy Birthday Gracie =) I love that her first pic is of her that! Girl after my own heart...hehe! I look forward to following it. Also, Harry my 8yr old has a blog (a little neglected) we started it a few years back, but he would love to know of other kid!!

  3. hahaha! Oh I just re-read my comment. The name of his blog is called "Nikko and Me" not "a little neglected" just saying we haven't blogged in a while, not that he is neglected..oh my!! lol!

  4. Awe, how sweet! Grace wants to be just like her mommy and can appreciate God's beautiful handiwork in plants.

  5. Oh, how so sweet. She will enjoy here new camera and follow you around for lessons. You have to take photos of her photographing.


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