Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The changing moods of Tulipa 'Angelique'

I promised a post about Tulipa 'Angelique'
in my GBBD May post.  She is a breathtaking, peony-flowered selection.
I suspected I would love her because she is often mentioned as a favorite in The English Garden magazine. I had to try her.

Side note: I order all of my bulbs from the sister companies John Scheepers and Van Engelen. The latter deals in larger quantities (and I confess that just the thought of ordering 500 or 1000 of something makes me weak in the knees, though I have never done it... yet!).

Without further ado, the lady herself, Angelique.

   When she was just starting to warm up to the idea of gracing our garden, she was rather pale and quiet... huddling by the lavender.

Slowly, she began to blush and fluff her gown a bit...

She seemed to warm-up to the other members of her cast... purple Phlox subulata, blue Muscari armenicum, and pink Lamium in the distance.

She reveled in the sun (as did we all!)...

And glistened in the rain...

 She became ever more graceful with age, as we all hope to do...

A great leading-lady...

So glad we invited her to the party this year! 
Hope this inspires you to give her a try as well!
(Link to order her at John Scheepers, if you like.)
Only 20 did the trick in our Driveway Garden.


  1. Yes Julie, you've inspired me to give her a try as well. Angelique has truly morphed into a beautiful lady! She seems very happy in her new home.

  2. Your patience in capturing the evolving beauty of Angelique deserves a reward of its own. Magnificent!

  3. She is a fun tulip, and brings a summery touch to spring. I'm glad you gave her a try.

  4. I love your posts!! Your blog is truly a bright spot in my day-- which is usually rainy and gray in Seattle ;) (I'm hoping it will be a gardening day today!) Thank you for the time you spend to bless others!!

  5. Very pretty tulip. I would vote for the third photo under "and glistened in the rain", the one right above "she became ever more graceful". Good luck!

  6. It's absolutely beautiful - I love tulips but haven't had the courage to try them myself here - so I am very happy to admire yours!

  7. What a charming post! I love how you write:)
    I really love the 2nd picture underneath the title "and glistened in the rain" the one decorated with rain drops:)
    But I must say that all of the pictures are quite pretty.

  8. Love this tulip! I planted her as well last fall and was delighted with her show here in Brooklyn. A keeper for sure - hoping it will come back next year.

    Your pictures are really beautiful - I also vote for the "glistening in the rain" pictures - the first two are both stunning.

    Thank you for the link to your Scheepers order...I checked it out and realized it's a much better deal than what I paid at White Flower Farm last fall - this time around I'll be checking out Scheepers for sure! So much less expensive, especially in larger quantities (always great to split orders with friends). Thanks again!

  9. Love the Angelique too! Great photos!
    PS we sell her at tulipworld only $6.97/10 (12+cm) right now! We guarantee our bulbs too! Check us out sometime.
    always enjoy your posts!

  10. Absolutely stunning! My first time visiting your blog, and it is lovely!

  11. I have got to have this tulip back in my garden..had to leave it when i moved 6 yrs ago...I would choose DSC_0636.jpg....good luck and great post

  12. This year I didn't plant any Angelique (I try to change tulps every year)but when I visit your blog, I can realize how much I miss them. They are my favourites.


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