Monday, May 2, 2011

The Driveway Garden ~ First Week of May/Spring Succession 2011

   I love spring! And the joy of succession planting is that we are nearly on to our third phase of spring in our Driveway Garden, though May is just beginning.  Phase one was crocuses and iris reticulatas, phase two daffodils and hyacinths, and then... see a sneak peek at the end of this post.

   Above is the planting surrounding the entrance to our backyard. Phlox subulata is happy again this year (and makes me happy with its evergreen leaves all winter!).  Narcissus 'Jenny', white Hyacinthus 'Aiolos' and some pink early tulips fill in around the structure of the three ball arbor viteas, lavender, and lilac shrubs.

   Muscari armenicum with a lamium make a great combination at the edges of these boarders.

  Our unnamed pink tulip by the lavender... and a satisfied customer. Anna with her nose covered in pollen from deep-sniffing the tulips.

Sneak peeks of the first May tulips: Tulipa 'Shirley' (left); Tulipa 'Angelique', a popular favorite for good reason! (right)

Check back for our continuing series for the First Week of May all this week! 

See the whole series for the First Week of May:
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  1. This is your garden, how beautiful.

    Love the soft colors, and the textures.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Beautiful pictures! Anna looks especially cute :)

  3. beautiful and soft...lovely colors

  4. Very pretty. Lovely garden. Cute bee - cuter girl!

  5. haha! I love the Picture of Anna! She looks so much older and is looking more and more like you:) Lovely. I also like the Tulipa 'Shirly'. So pretty and delicate!

  6. The photo of Anna is precious. Your driveway bed is beautiful at this time of year.

  7. What a gorgeous driveway garden. I have vowed to plant tulips this fall for the first time. And daffodils. And alliums. I have yet to venture into the world of bulbs, but I am so excited. which tulips have you found are best at coming back year after year?

  8. Lovely garden. It needs a name that reflects it's beauty. Driveway garden just doesn't do it justice :).


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