Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hill Garden ~ First Week of May 2011

   Continuing our First Week of May postings at Gilmore Gardens...
     On the Hill Garden we first had the pretty Tulipa 'Ice Stick' in April.  Now in the month of May, the phlox subulata (which has filled in quite a bit from last year) is coming into bloom with the first lily-flowered tulip that I have grown, Tulipa 'China Pink'. They still are not full out, so I will put up more photos when they are at their best in another week or so. 
   Tulipa 'China Pink' in front of the purple barberry bushes.

The fuzzy, softness of lamb's ears (Stachys byzantina) by part of our stream of Muscari armenicum (not sure I can call it a river, Nell_Jean, but pretty none-the-less).  These grape hyacinths has been prolific re-seeders at Gilmore Gardens... even over-flowing into our neighbors grass next door.
When he got the lawn mower out, I quickly scampered around picking bouquets before they were cut down in their prime. 

I am very satisfied with the Hill combinations at this point, though one could always add more tulips. The next tulip bloom set to grow here is Tulipa 'Sorbet'. Succession planting takes some careful observation and coordination, but the fruit is always having something to look forward to!

Check back for our continuing series for the First Week of May all this week! 

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  1. absolutely gorgeous...so bright and soft ...exactly what spring should look and feel like..wonderful

  2. Love the drama added by the dark barberry shrubs

  3. I want to come play in your garden ;) Just gorgeous! All your posts on your different spaces have been a total joy to read, what eye candy and inspiration! I'm turning a little green...cheers!

  4. Love the muscari in the lawn! I can see why he would postpone mowing. I bet he loves it, but hates to admit it!

  5. Its beautiful ! and ur blog is wonderful. I love your blog and ur pix.

  6. What a brilliant combo, with the soft grey of lamb's ears and purple grape hyacinths.


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