Monday, May 9, 2011

A May Walk

While the rain continued last week, we watched for a chance to run outside.  One day after lunch, though the clouds loomed, we toke our chance and here is what we saw...
                                 a neighbors pretty dome-pruned azalea about to burst...

 another neighbors bright spring tulips under-planted with a bright sedum...

 two hot pink boots (Grace) walking along a tree seed paradise...

 and the girls learned about spring flowering trees...
   a native redbud (Cercis canadensis)...

 a flowering plum tree (Prunus x blireiana), like the one that used to grow beside my grandmother's porch.... I would dance around the porch waiting to catch its scent...

    more walking...
                                  a crabapple (Malus hyb)...
and their favorite, a pink magnolia...

 and then finally, just as the drops started to fall again...
 there is no place like home.
Door for our first floor residence and steps (on left) to the third floor apartment.
What is your favorite part of spring walks?


  1. Oh, I do love your gardens. :) Grace's pink boots are adorable - my Tornado has some pink polka-dotted ones.

    My favorite part of spring walks is spying out bright bits of color! I seem to notice things in the early spring that I've never seen before, and it always thrills me.

  2. What beautiful spring gardens you have...a what a lovely walk in those pink shoes...

  3. Oh I so did enjoy going on that walk with you, almost as if I were there, chatting while you pointed out those beautiful discoveries! I love the magnolia shot and your garden is just to die for! My fave part about taking a walk is definitely looking in my neighbors yards..Love it!

  4. love all the pictures of the flowering trees:)
    PS Tell Grace I wish I had some boots like that:)

  5. Wonderful photographs and plants! The Cercis looks incredible!


  6. I love the color of those pink tulips--very unusual. Your garden is so beautiful: the epitome of spring. So fun to see it.

  7. Such a pretty spring display in your neighborhood. Neighbors here do not do much in the way of bulbs, so not worth the walk, but I plan for many in gardens I design. I should take a drive around I guess. The one I posted today is not my garden, but that of a client. I should have shown her bulbs since she has so many blooming around back and to the sides. Pretty images you took on your walk and the little pick boots are darling.

  8. Beautiful walk. There's always a suprise on a walk in the spring, and a bit of refreshment too!

  9. Julie, I love to take nature walks. There's no way that you can appreciate nature with all its beautiful creations by just driving around. It also teaches your children to appreciate nature as well. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Fabulous boots, beautiful walk, and I just adore all the purple colored flowers in your yard! They look so great with the green of the grass and the lovely daffodils - beautiful!

  11. That plum tree is stunning! And what a great shot with the boots and the yellow seeds. We have moved past the spring your are experiencing now, but it brought back memories walking with you through your spring.

  12. OOoo! I too have moved past the spring, but it's so nice to see it springing in your garden. So green and lush. Rain is just a distant memory for me. I love the redbud and the pink magnolia. I think my favorite part of spring walks is the transience, the fact that I can see something that will look completely different in a week.

  13. I love everything about our Spring! Even the occasional morning snow that blanket my flowers and is melted by mid afternoon. I sure love the blues in your gardens...beautiful!

  14. Wow, that green really zings - and the pinks are quite good too!

    For me, it's the trees and the woods that are the best part of spring walks - I love the fresh green of the new leaves, and the wildflowers underneath. And the smell - whether that's bluebells or just fresh earth... sigh.

  15. Your garden looks so peaceful with the blues and greens ... We're past early spring in the South now, so it's nice to be reminded of its beauty.

  16. Julie you should write a book!


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