Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hope Grows Day: May 2011

Thanks to Sweet Bean Gardening for the prompting of Hope Grows Day to write about the simple things in our lives that we can appreciate and enjoy...
                                remembering glimmers of the great Hope.
Hope fulfilled... not quite yet!  There will be more waiting at Gilmore Gardens until we can smell the sweet-scent of Iris pallida variegata again on the Shade Path.  Everything is quite behind this spring ever since the whole month of March was covered in snow.  But how would we ever learn perseverance if everything was just the way we wished all the time! There is a joy is getting to see the slow unfurling of spring... to get to savor each flower.  
Hope for next Month: Clematis!
We have 6 varieties already, though I am still waiting for 2 of them to bloom for the first time.  And we have added four more this year! See yesterday's post about our new trellises

Check back for our continuing series for the First Week of May all this week!


  1. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly...sometimes it's hard to wait for good things, but it makes them so much much better. Good luck with your clematis! I planted one last fall and was happy to see it survived the winter. I hope your take off and go crazy. :)

  2. I hope your clematis is blooming by then, too, and that your iris blooms soon.

  3. Lovely blooms and photos! My irises are in bloom now. It is too bad they bloom for such a short time.

  4. The clematis on the fence is gorgeous. May all of your hopes come true! I look forward to seeing all of your clematis in bloom.

  5. I love the clematis on your fence! I can't wait to see more. I do like clematis and don't have any in my garden YET! Struggling to find a good location for them. I love the variegated leaves of your iris! Glad you are enjoying your spring!


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