Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beginning the Potager

Layout the new vegetable garden at Havenwood.

We have been doing lots of digging here at Havenwood!

As we begin laying out the final design, some of the pieces will just not make sense without remembering the plan. For instance, there is going to be some regrading in this area when we cut in a new driveway, so we are making these beds by cutting them into the soil for now. Later on, they will be proper raised beds with gravel paths. For now though, they were placed so that we could get the exact location of our new arbor vitae hedge (see below) and plant our dwarf fruit trees for our little orchard (also below!).

The good beginning to any garden: a truck load of mushroom compost. Its pH tested this year to 8, so I will not be adding it to lime-hating plant beds, though it should be fine for the other soil.
Three step process: strip the sod, single dig in plenty of compost and rake to a fine tilth.
The plywood patch on the house will one day be a set of french doors opened up to a courtyard. The grass path will turn left and terminate at this fruit tree (represented by the red shovel).
Laying out new hedge.

At the top of the "Orchard", looking toward the "Gate."
Our crazy, curvy sidewalk that runs to the "Gate" area right now.
Putting in the arbor vitae hedge that will follow the new driveway.
And here are the fruit trees! Three apples to the right (Honeycrisp, Gala and Golden Delicious),  a peach, cherry, plum and pear on the left.
The path from the "french doors" to the orchard.
Another recent triumph: using the tires left by the previous owners to make three tire swings! Lots of fun for everyone.
We sowed peas, spinach, kale, bush beans and poppies into our veg beds this week. Also planted a strawberry patch and our black berries. I started to amend the soil for a lower pH for blueberry bushes.  Also planted in the potager were two black current bushes that will move to the fruit tunnel later on this year.

More soon on the Knot Garden, the Birch Walk and the Pergola garden hedges!


  1. So jealous! But you are where I was 25 years ago, and you are looking good. I will be avidly following the progress of your new garden. Love the way it is turning out!

    1. Thanks for your vote of encouragement, Lynn! It is a bit daunting to be on this side of the 25 years... will I make the right choices? What is I plant the hedge 3 feet in the wrong direction?? I sort of wish I could have those extra years of wisdom here now! Ah, well.

      Looking forward to sharing the good, bad and all with you!

  2. Julie, It is such a joy to look at the photos of the beginnings of your new gardens. The potager and orchard make a great starting point. So much fresh produce to look forward to. Your neighborhood looks beautiful, and what a great place to raise your beautiful children. Thank you for sharing the photos of your garden. Wishing you many years of happiness in your new home!

  3. Looks like a lot of work... I mean fun! Interesting to see your plans evolve. What a fantastic new garden space you have there - it will be so beautiful one day.

  4. I am exhausted thinking of all the work you are doing...I love seeing it come to life and that is fun.

    1. Thanks Donna! I am a bit sore these days... but it is so worth it :)


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