Thursday, May 8, 2014

Before: Havenwood's Woodland

It is very stark this month in the Woodland at our new home.
Woodland beauty, here we come!

That is the mantra I am repeating to myself to shake away the the nagging doubts... "How are going to create a woodland wonder out of this stark seen?!?" Just work the plan.... work the plan.

One of the first areas to be addressed is the lack of any shrub plantings throughout this garden, particularly around the border of the property. I would like a bit more privacy to go with my digging!

One of our rock collecting piles, which will come in handy later on this summer.
But, wait... what is that? A bush??
Yes, several in fact. Hubby wrestled these large forsythias out of their constrained spots at Gilmore Gardens so that we could start throwing some leaves on this corner.
And he also wrestled these beautiful cap stones from the porch of an old home in town that was recently demolished to put up another convenience pharmacy.
Sticks here and there represent understory trees and shrubs of all kinds, including evergreens.
I am pleased that the forsythia will echo the large daffodil planting across the street.

Still stark, but we are on our way.

Thanks for patiently waiting for a Havenwood update! Things have been quite busy around here but I am loading up on photos while I can to share all of our improvements with you in the future.

Welcome to merry May!


  1. Yes you are on your way! And we get to watch
    I think the forsythias will be perfect there.

  2. Woodland gardens are my favourite sort of garden, you are going to have such fun creating yours, just take your time and suddenly it will be beautiful !

  3. So much potential and many surprises in store...


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