Friday, July 8, 2011

Most pitiful flower in my garden this year...

One evening, my husband said, "What is this pretty little flower?"

Hmm... a foxtail lily (Eremurus Ruiter-Hybrid White Beauty Favourite). 
It is supposed to look like this:
Photo from Crocus, a nursery in the UK
And there were supposed to be three of them.
I think I will have to try that again someday... when I am not feeling so sore about it.


  1. Although you didn't indicate how long you've had this, I've heard that it takes a few years for Foxtail lilies to get established. If it were me I'd just give it a few more years. Fingers crossed!

  2. Thank Grace! You give me hope.

    I have heard that they are "difficult to grow", but not that they take time to build strength.

    Guess that is my hope grows post for thinking to next year!

  3. Julie, I have never had any luck with foxtail lilies. My experience is that it takes a few years for them to die if they appear at all after planting. Apparently they need very specialized growing conditions. Carolyn

  4. I have a friend who has some beautiful yellow ones. But, I think he started his from one gallon plants and has also studied permaculture so he can grow almost anything. Hope you have a better showing next year.

  5. I've seen these and have contemplated putting them in my garden. I don't think I'll try now. I don't need any more pitiful plants! :)

  6. You know, that's exactly how my foxgloves look, spindly and with three flowers each on a tiny stem :). You made me feel better...

  7. Hopefully they will be better next year.

  8. pitiful is a good word! Pitiful is what i use for Alchemilla,Lligularia,and Lavandula.

  9. Aw-w...I hope in a few years they decide to fill out a bit. Good luck!


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