Thursday, July 21, 2011

Asiatic Lily 'Rosella’s Dream'

I added Asiatic Lily 'Rosella’s Dream' two years ago as a pink accent over the cloud of blue from Geranium 'Orion'. (I wrote about it just last week.)  

They have been a terrific pair at the top of the Driveway Garden. The geraniums start at the beginning of June and these lilies burst the last week of June.

 They are settled right around the new trellis from the spring.

Seen in front of the green garage door.
Lily 'Rosella's Dream' lasted for a couple of weeks. It was very hot and dry here and hardly a drop of rain. I just trimmed the tops off the lilies (now mid-July) to prevent them from using energy on seed making, but I left the stalks for their brilliant yellow foliage in the fall.

 View down the length of the Driveway Garden to the sidewalk.

More lilies to come this summer...
Oriental Lily 'Casa Blanca' will be blooming in this garden any day now. 


  1. I especially like the color gradation from dark pink to almost white on this one.

  2. Julie your Lily is so beautiful. I love all of the lilies this time of the year. It does look so pretty behind the blues.

  3. Your Lily is so beautiful and the geranium goes so well with it. What a lovely combination with a contrast of texture and shape with the foliage from both of them, they set off the flowers so well.

  4. Your lilies look really nice with the hardy geranium in front, what a great color combo!

  5. I love the colors of that Lily! Long, long, ago those were the colors of my Bridesmaids' dresses. LOL!

  6. How i wish those lilies can grow in our hot clime! they are so lovely in yours.

  7. Absolutely stunning...that's a winning combo!

  8. It looks like Asiatic lilies are blooming in most gardens of cold climates. If only they will thrive here in ours, i will definitely be planting those magnificent colors too. Wonderful indeed to pair with those blues. I envy the colors.

  9. beautiful lilies..sadly many of mine are no shows this year...


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