Saturday, July 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-up July 2011

So, I already started gushing about our green backyard yesterday.
Here on Foliage Follow-up Day with Pam at Digging, I find more room to sing its praise.

Our patio in July with our wonderful maple trees.
Great spot for reading, relaxing, eating chocolate desserts :)
We also really enjoy eating dinner and watching the birds come and go to the feeder.

Our mature tree canopy
For a glimpse of our mature trees, check out the Green Canopy video.

 Christmas Fern

Ivy balls in training
Thanks to Pam for hosting FFD! 
Check out the flowers at Gilmore Gardens from July GBBD yesterday.


  1. OK, you made me totally jealous of your mature trees! The oldest ones in my yard top out at 10 feet or so and maybe half that wide. It's nice to look forward to the shade they'll give someday.

  2. Speaking as one who has had the privilege to visit your backyard, it is truly an oasis. Especially when you all are there!

  3. It's so nice to have mature trees in the garden. I have a weeping Birch and a Sycamore which I love. The were planted long before we bought the house. Ferns are another of my faves. Lovely pics.

  4. I love that you include tree foliage in your post. Your maples are stunning, and those beautiful green leaves really make a summer day pleasant, right? Thanks so much for joining in. I'm sorry your comment didn't show up right away; it got caught in my spam filter. But I'm glad I found you!

  5. What beautiful trees in a peaceful, serene setting.

  6. You have a lovely shady spot there by your patio! I miss having shady spots in our current yard, but I'm busy planting some for whoever lives here in future years. :)

  7. What a lovely spot for relaxing and looking out over the garden. I really like those topiaries...those will be beautiful once they have filled in.

  8. It's rainy and miserable here, I'd be grateful if I could be transported to your patio to watch the birds on the feeder!


  9. I love your look of soft flowing flowers! It reminds me of a country garden- yet it looks like you are right in the city! A garden that transports you :-)


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