Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Scenes from the Front Woodland

The Front Woodland is in the sidewalk strip at Gilmore Gardens. It is just a couple of years old, but is filling out quite nicely this year. It has progressed from the daffodils of April, to the foxgloves and irises of May/June, to the daylily display of July.

A baby tulip tree can be seen sprouting up in the middle of the daylilies (above), which will give shade and balance our tall house when the old maples are gone.
These daylilies have all grown from one large clump that came from my husband's childhood home. They are the common orange daylily (Hemerocallis fulva) which you may see along country roads at this time of year. 

Here they are planted with Hemerocallis 'Stella d' Oro' and across the sidewalk from the blue catmint, Nepeta 'Walker's Low'.

I like the combination of colors here more this year than I did last year. Last year I was ready to rip out this whole lot of orange flowers. I guess I have stretch my color boundaries, especially in not minding that a few pink geranium flowers pop up in this area from time to time!

It makes for a much nicer walk along the sidewalk, anyway. Quite colorful.


  1. You have planned so well with very nice combinations. I am going to miss the lillies as mine will be done blooming very soon...

  2. Indeed, it makes for a very nice July [virtual] stroll.

  3. They are so pretty. They are a tough lily too so they should do wonderful in front.

  4. Glad you kept them -- how cool that they came from your husband's childhood home! Beautiful color combinations!!

  5. I love your sidewalk garden, the blooms are beautiful! Loving the orange,yellow,purple combination. I've always wanted a strip of garden between the street and the path to something just like this...Beautiful Julie!


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