Monday, June 6, 2011

Allium 'Purple Sensation' on the Front Walk

Hoping to catching up from the busy end of May this week...
   Allium aflatunense 'Purple Sensation' with Tulipa 'Cum Laude' has been a fantastic succession this year (and last year) to closely follow the diminishing of Tulipa 'Shirley' (see her with 'Cum Laude' just a few weeks earlier). 

   I was surprised last year to see this allium bloom so early, as I expected it to be more in the month of June as a combination with the Dutch irises (which were were frosted apparently), and the poppies (which have finally made more of a show after waiting 2 years).  But, it has worked out quite well because I like the near match in color with this tulip, and the even more gradual change it gives the boarder.  Better, in my opinion, to change almost imperceptibly than an abrupt switch. 
I will leave these allium heads as long as I enjoy them.  By July last year, they were gone. Some gardeners enjoy leaving them into October. Maybe it is the shallow depth of this Front Walk bed that makes their yellowing in mid-summer seem a nuisance.

Looking towards Cherry Corner with the variegated loosestrife and purple creeping phlox.
These photos were taken May 20th this year. Last year the peak for this combination was a week earlier. Everything is a bit later this year, just a touch, from the late spring cold. 

Looking left toward the sidewalk and the Front Woodland (in the curb strip). 
See the Front Woodland in April this year.

 Looking right down the Front Walk, to the Front Woodland garden and towards the Hill Garden.  
Spirea 'Goldflame' gives two punches of yellow in the middle of this bed.

Update on the Front Walk coming soon... 
dianthus, Allium christophii and poppies for June! 


  1. I really like the combination of spirea foliage with the succession of purple blooms.

  2. The tulips go so well with the allium!

  3. What a very pretty path. I love seeing how plants grow at different times across the world. My tulips and forget me nots are well over. I have one solitary allium but it makes up for its singularity in size! I am leaving the head on for as long as I can. R

  4. This is a really nice border. I love how the Forget-me-nots have taken up residence. They make for a nice cohesive edging. Everything is just gorgeous.

  5. The tulip and allium is an inspiring combination but the whole bed is amazing. The colors are absolutely beautiful together. Your neighbors are lucky to see that every day.

  6. I agree with the others. When I opened your blog, the magic of that beautiful shade of purple took my breath away! And combined with the Spirea, it's sensational!

  7. It is so interesting when plants flower, where. Allium Purple sensation bloomed after the tulips here so I can't copy your lovely idea. The forget-me-nots work really well for you too. Thanks for visiting me, here's my reply to your question "The formal beds are surrounded by blue lavender and the centre of the beds are filled with Perovskia. Christina"

  8. I clicked on the link to your curb bed, because I have curb beds, too. I love how you have things on both sides of the sidewalk. Your plants look happy and healthy.

    I forgot to say I enjoyed seeing your foliage on the last post I left a comment on.


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