Monday, June 20, 2011

Allium christophii

   On the Front Walk this spring, the succession has been non-stop to this point. 
First came Tulip 'Shirley', then Tulip 'Cum Laude', then Allium 'Purple Sensation', then Oriental poppies (Papaver orientale)... each one having a period of overlap with its neighboring blooms. Now in June, we come to Allium christophii, also known as the Star of Persia.

 As it began, it partnered with the vivid orange of the Oriental poppies...

 then partnered with the blue of Nepeta 'Walker's Low' catmint... and the left over seed heads of A. 'Purple Sensation'...

 The spotty light in these shots comes from the shade of the weeping cherry tree in Cherry Corner late in the afternoon.  But I still liked the speckled colors all strewn across the palette.

 The bed is edged in pinks, Dianthus g. 'Firewitch'. I love the contrast of their blue foliage against all of the greens.

 Allium christophii seen against the lighter green foliage of Spirea 'Goldflame'. This bush is much closer to green in its summer garb, but moves through red-orange, to bright chartreuse first, then to vivid red in its fall show.

 The idea to plant Allium christophii with a succession planting of Japanese anemones (Anemone hupehensis var. japonica) in the Front Walk came from one of my garden heros (again!) Christopher Lloyd in his fantastic book, Succession Planting for Year-Round Pleasure. They work so well with the alliums because they cover up all of their yucky foliage at this crucial time, and they give a lush backdrop for their flower heads.

These round allium heads are a child's dream.  They just cry, "Touch me!" to my three-year-old...

Alliums are also one of the most remarked upon flowers that grow in my corner garden. Many people are still unacquainted with them here in the US.
 One section of the Front Walk is currently filled out like I would like the whole to be.  Given time, the foliage of the Japanese anemones will make the transition from here to mid-summer more lush.

See the prior succession in the Front Walk this year:
Tulip 'Shirley' 
Tulip 'Cum Laude' with Allium 'Purple Sensation'
Oriental poppies (Papaver orientale)


  1. Lovely alliums! They have such an interesting bloom.

  2. I have some anemones that bloom in the fall. I like the idea of planting alliums in the same area. I forgot to mention in the other comment that I have some drumstick alliums that don't have much growing around them. I wonder if I can transplant them to another area in the bed.

  3. Alliums are such weird flowers! I really like them.

  4. A beautiful pair, Alliums and poppies!

  5. I love all alliums, and I think star of Persia might be my favorite because it is so big and silvery.

  6. Hello again, Julie. Thanks for visiting my blog. What a surprise awaited me here! I see we have a lot of plant combinations in common. Great post with inspiring photos and chat :-)

  7. what a brilliant post. I love all alliums but I think you've come up with some really interesting, great combinations, thanks for sharing them. I must check out C L's book, he's one of my hero's too.


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