Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Before & After at Gilmore Gardens

Change in the garden... in life...
     this is the way the world was designed, though we like to sometimes tell ourselves otherwise. 
                 It is good for us to embrace change. 

Today we are featuring a few glimpses of the changes at Gilmore Gardens
over the past three-and-a-half years.

   This photo was taken in spring 2007 at the very first drive-by of our home-to-be (though we did not move in until that fall of 2007).  Note the lovely stump memorial on the hill beside the driveway, complete with octagonal timbers, gravel and plastic deer. Also, see the equally lovely garbage cans under the staircase. Not to mention the house that is rusting away (yes, rusting, because it is sided in steel).

   That is our Hill Garden in May 2011, which includes Phlox subulata in purple, Tulipa 'China Pink', Tulipa 'Sorbet', blue Muscari armenicum and an ornamental pear tree under-planted with Sedum 'Acre' behind the flowers. Also, a painted (yea!!!), rust-free house and rose trellis to cover the cans. Definite improvements.

For more about the transformation at Gilmore Gardens, 
come over to Sweet Bean Gardening where Hanni is featuring 
Wife, Mother, Gardener and our gardens for the day! 
Thanks, Hanni!


  1. That is wonderful! You did a great makes such a difference!

  2. Hooray! I was just getting ready to email you the link, but I see you have beaten me to it. :) Your gardens are beautiful & I'm so glad you've let me share them.

  3. What an amazing transformation! You have turned stump hill into such a thing of beauty...well done!

  4. what a great idea, Julie!!
    I love it!

  5. You've turned an ordinary place into a stunning showpiece of beauty. Loved seeing the contrast.

  6. Wow, what a transformation. I love all you've done. The plants look beautiful and the house looks brand new. Total eye candy?

  7. wow what a difference- what a beautiful transformation- I would like to see it in all seasons

  8. Thanks everybody :)

    Julia: Ha!...stump hill. Very accurate.

    Grace: This house had to be scrubbed and painted by hand two times. We are glad to be done! And that is turned out so well.

    Gardening not Landscaping: stay tuned! This blog is here so that I can attempt to keep up with all of the succession planting going on around here.There is something new going on every week... now if I can only find time to write about it!

  9. Your neighbors must be rejoicing! What a fabulous change. You have done an amazing job.

  10. What a difference you have made, it looks absolutely fabulous now. Love your combination of plants and colours, so easy on the eye!

  11. I know it has been said in the comments above but it bears repeating...what an amazing transformation! And, in a relatively short period of time. Very impressive!

  12. Julie, I enjoyed viewing your before and after photos over at Sweet Bean Gardening. Your work is inspiring, but when you love what you do, it's not work, huh? I've been moving things around in my garden and planting new shrubs. My back is feeling it today! Now I need time to post my photos. Have a wonderful weekend!


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