Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oriental Poppies on the Front Walk

I have a relatively small amount of experience with  
Oriental poppies (Papaver orientale)...
this being my first year with more than one bloom.

   My very first acquantaince with the Oriental poppy, was one that I killed by trying to transplant its foliage and enormous taproot. I later learned that taproot plants in general do not perform well for people who yank them up out of their original habitat. They have a resentful nature.

   They are most obliging when they are raised from seed, sown where they will lie. Another option is to buy a small budding plant with short dormant root in spring. Both of these methods were employed in the Front Walk.

This is how the bloom ends... rather a nice ending to be left for more garden interest.

And finally, a sneak-peak of the orange oriental poppy and its planting companion in the Front Walk...
Read more on the Front Walk Succession 2011

The prior combination of Allium 'Purple Sensation' with Tulipa 'Cum Laude' was on the Front Walk.


  1. Poppies endlessly delight me with their blooms whether it's in my garden or someone else's.

  2. What a beautiful bloom to brighten up a dull day! I managed to move an oriental poppy successfully but the part of the root that I left behind stayed to make another plant so now I have 2 for the price of one! These days I increase them by taking root cuttings then you have more plants that are the same as the mother plant.

  3. Oh, I bet it it gorgeous combined with those purple alliums! Great pics.

  4. I love poppies. First saw them blooming in central NY. That photo of the stem and bottom of the flower really caught my eye! Nice. I love how your successive plantings refer to and complement each other. I do well to have plants live, much less live a coordinated existence!

  5. Beautiful Julie! Poppies remind me of carefree happiness. I threw some poppy seeds between my iris' this year. I'm waiting to see what they will do.

  6. I love your poppys, Julie!
    My mom and I both agreed that their leaves looked liked tissue paper!

  7. Pretty pictures! I've just planted some 'super' poppies this spring - they're supposed to have two bloom periods before going dormant each year. Of course they're 2" high right now, maybe I'll get a bloom or two next year? So fun.

  8. Oh I do love them. Any color will be fine with me. Can't wait to have a whole border of poppies.

    My Mom used to have them at the front door when I was growing up.

    Thanks for bringing back such good memories.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Maybe now I know why mine did not survive. I will try seeding them in one spot. Your photos are gorgeous.

  10. That's a beautiful poppy, your pictures made me want to go look for one for myself. I loved your observation about taproot plants, although I don't think it applies to dandelions - they do well no matter what :(.

  11. I really love poppies, and I think it is from the Wizard of Oz movie of the poppy field. There is something so special about them and your images are wonderful, great macros.

  12. Beautiful poppies. I'm waiting for my poppies to open. They can't come quickly enough.

  13. My poppies were in full bloom when a 25 minute hail storm came along. Now it is the peonies turn. I hope they make it through. Last year they got a hard rain on them that destroyed the main bloom. Ah well. Beautiful photos.


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