Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-Up: June 2011

Some cool green after all the blooms of GBBD
What a great idea from Pam at Digging.
Visit her comments to find more foliage appreciation for June.

At Gilmore Gardens, in Pennsylvania, we are especially loving our new
Oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia)...

Our very average but beautiful Boston ferns 
hanging on the back porch...

And the dark foliage of Heuchra 'Palace Purple'
with the yellows of loosestrife and sedum...

And if you were wishing to see more flowers, check out yesterday's post for an overview of the flowers in mid-June at Gilmore Gardens!


  1. Pam's right - foliage is the backbone of the's taken me a while to learn this lesson as I love the flowers so much. But it's foliage that gives everything continuity.

  2. I agree have certainly highlighted the foliage that makes us realize that it is equally important especially for me now when the spring flowers are ending and the summer are about to begin...

  3. The picture of the fern is so lush looking:)
    I love your loosestrife... So pretty!

  4. Very Olivia said. Lovely.

  5. Everything looks so green and wonderful.
    You have some nice things going on here.
    Happy FF!
    David/ :-)

  6. Love that purple palace! Placed beside the yellow, it's exquisite.

  7. I'm glad you didn't omit the "average" Boston fern, which has beautiful leaves. It's easy to overlook our foliage plants, isn't it? But what would the garden be without them? Thanks for joining in!

  8. Sometimes we get all giddy about the flowers, but the foliage plays a part as well. Your foliage photos are beautiful!

  9. Just bought 5 heuchera palace purple. Love the hydrangea.

  10. Well, I am quite scatterbrained. Apparently, I've visited your blog before, because I already had it on my blog roll. Now, I am officially a follower.


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