Monday, October 24, 2011

Glimpses of the Driveway Garden in October

Purple Aster 'Peter III' above our pumpkin and a nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) blossom from the Front Woodland.
Foliage contrast with Lavendula 'Munstead', Sedum 'Acre', Fescue 'Elijah Blue', pixie lilies and a dwarf arbor vitae.
Aster 'Peter III', salmon hardy mum Dendranthema 'Sheffield Pink' and dwarf miscanthus grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Dixieland').
Rose OSO Easy Paprika
Dahlia 'Peaches 'n Cream' reaching up to 6 foot by the sidewalk.
...note my little garden pixie peeping out the window.

Just some photos to savor more of fall at Gilmore Gardens.


  1. I'm beginning to think I should buy some colourful pumpkins and scatter them round my totally green garden.

  2. Autumn perfect combo, orange and blue! Is that pumpkin from your own garden?

  3. That first photo is just so vibrant...I just love purple and orange together, especially in autumn...maybe it's the softer light :-)

  4. What gorgeous photo's & garden!

  5. Ester, Scott and Becc: Thanks! Glad that you enjoy it too, like I do.

    garden at nina place: We do have a tiny raised veggie bed, but with only enough room for our tomatoes, some herbs, lettuce, peas etc. The majority of my flower gardens are in our front yard, and I have not gone so far as to plant squash out there yet... though that is an intriguing thought :)

  6. Lovely, lovely! Every photo is pretty. Autumn is so vibrant in your garden.

  7. Wow Julie, you inspire me!
    That picture of the rose is so soft and elegant looking...
    I think there is something about autumn where the lighting is so golden and cuddly looking:)
    Thanks for posting, love the pumpkin picture!

  8. Lovely. And I love the orange pumpkin - especially with those purple asters! The foliage contrast picture is wonderful, too. What a nice view from inside your window you must have!

  9. Julie that first and last picture are priceless. I love them both...of course the color of that rose is to die for as well...thx for the glimpses!!

  10. I love your blue and orange combo too, Foliage contrast with Lavendula 'Munstead', Sedum 'Acre', Fescue 'Elijah Blue', pixie lilies and a dwarf arbor vitae is lovely. The purple Aster is lovely - I need more Asters in my garden, they have such beautiful strong colours, so special at this time of year.

  11. Dynia na pierwszym zdjęciu ślicznie przyozdobiła Twój ogród :-). Pozdrawiam

  12. Beautiful! Love all the colors!
    I have a little gardening pixie too...don't you just love them!!


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