Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Combination for Shade: Tricyrtis with Cimicifuga

Tricyrtis 'Blue Wonder'  (Toad lily)  Zones 5 to 8
Cimicifuga 'Chocoholic'  (Snakeroot-Black or Bugbane)  Zones 4 to 8

(follow the above links for more photos on each plant)

A big thanks to Alistair at Aberdeen Gardening for the inspiration to pair these two shade garden beauties. See his original post, Tricyrtis Hirta, where he combines the toad lily with a purple leaved maple (Acer). 

And that makes me think that I would also like to say thank you to all of the talented garden blog writers that I have been privileged to read this growing season.  I have enjoyed learning from you all about plants, and have loved getting to know your gardens. Thank you for taking the time to sharing your works of beauty with the world!


  1. Love the foliage on that Cimicifuga! An absolute must have for shade!

  2. Snakeroot is a favorite of butterflies as well. I don't have nearly enough in my shade gardens. Looks like I will be taking some cuttings....toad lilies are a favorite of mine..they are all over the garden...thx Julie for your inspiration as well

  3. That is a lovely combo! Thank you for sharing your garden...I have enjoyed seeing your garden beds and plants.

  4. The Tricyrtis 'Blue Wonder'looks very special and I love the Cimicifuga, I have been preparing a post on this one. Thank you very much for the mention. Alistair

  5. The dark background makes the light flowers glow! Hope you have a wonderful fall. Thanks for leaving a few comments on my blog while I've been bad at returning the favor - the new baby takes away a lot of my computer time :-)


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