Sunday, October 30, 2011

Frost this morning...

Clematis on the butterfly trellis by the Circle Lawn
I am encouraged this morning by remembering that this frosty beauty is part of the process of  
               creating art in the garden.
                                                All must fall for spring to rise.

There are reports that Sissinghurst Castle is likely to have its frost any day now too. There is also comfort in commonality. All gardens, big and small, ancient and new, will face this fate: to live through the harshest part of their year in order to enjoy the season to come.


  1. ah.... it has come at last.. Or should I say, unfortunately:(
    That is a really picture though, even though its shows that the flowers to not have long to live.
    You put a lot of work into your gardens, Julie. It is very evident as they are so beautiful:D

  2. Thank you for the optimistic view of things! Those positive thoughts will help us to get through the winter--and maybe even enjoy it! Your photo is lovely!

  3. I love your good to remember that frost is part of God's plan, and a gift to the weary gardener. : ) Thanks for sharing your stunning photography!

  4. So true for without this frosty weather I would have no spring bulbs...

  5. Hi Julie! Temperatures here have jumped up again, with the weather chaps reporting double the seasonal average for this time of year. The seasons all seem to be messed up, strange days. Nevertheless we’re making the most of it!


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