Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Winterthur's Sycamore Hill in May

Redbuds and azaleas bloom up a winding hill to an outlook at Winterthur Gardens.
These photos popped up on my computer's slide show the other day, and it was so refreshing to see some spring favorites again! (I truly have a weakness for spring.)

We visited Winterthur (pronounced Winter-tour) in May for the first time. It is a beautiful garden for spring as its founder, H.F. du Pont used a garden journal to plant his succession of blooms that starts in early spring. After walking past the beautiful Quarry Garden with its hundreds of giant primroses, I found this hillside covered in our native redbud trees (Ceris canadensis L.) and matching pink azaleas (Rhododendron).
You can just see the path from the bridge over the Quarry Garden on the right.
You can just glimpse your resting spot at the top of the hill...
Sycamore tree on Sycamore Hill with a small summer house from which to enjoy this outlook of the rolling hills.
Something makes me think that Elizabeth Bennett or Elinor Dashwood would have loved rambling around such a place. :)
Summerhouse on Sycamore Hill.
Looking down the hill to the Quarry area.
Amazing how the color of the redbud and azalea flowers flow into one another.

Hope you enjoyed a taste of spring in summer!

Be sure to see Winterthur's Quarry Garden also, for a fresh start to your day. ;)


  1. Stunning scenes, Julie! It's sad to think we won't see those bloomers until next spring. Redbud is my personal favorite tree.

  2. Yes, Lizzy or Elinor or any of us Austen fans would love a brisk - even muddy - walk through that lovely scene. Or anyone who likes pink - beautiful redbuds!

  3. I love spring! Thanks for the beautiful photos reminding us of its beauty.

    1. Thanks Sue! I kind of live for spring, starting in about August I think

  4. Julie this post was so refreshing and I really enjoyed the spring memories.


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