Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beautiful Vines

If you are interested in seeing some pretty vines (or climbers as they say in the UK), you will enjoy looking through my garden archive for June, or taking a look at this folder I made as a part of the Hometalk community...

(Most of the above photos are from my own garden, but a few from other gardens which you can find the links to on Hometalk.)

Garden bloggers might also be interested in looking at Hometalk itself.  It has provided me with another place to share my gardens (see my WMG account), and to give some help to beginning gardens when they post questions.

Happy looking!


  1. All lovely vines. The passiflora is quite unusual to see outside in our country, too cold to survive winters.

  2. My two favorite vines...passiflora and coral honeysuckle.

  3. Love the display of vines...I had not heard of Hometalk so I will bookmark it.


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