Saturday, July 20, 2013

Veronicastrum 'Lavender Towers'

Veronicastrum 'Lavender Towers' in the Hill Garden this week with Echinacea purpurea.
You may have missed this flower in our July garden tour this week, so let me point it out to you! It is quite pointy after all... :)

Veronicastrum 'Lavender Towers' attracting a pollinator to its tiny flowers that are arranged in a whirl around branching spikes.

The lavender light in the background is one of the lovely sunsets we had last week. It was a beautiful coincidence that I was out taking photos at this perfect moment: it matches the light purple of the Veronicastrum perfectly!

What is nice about this plant in my garden is that it takes up surprisingly little horizontal space. I stuck it in a small hole with the rest of these perennials and it seems to be dealing well with it... unlike the Russian sage that is also in this garden. Some plants just deal better with tight planting for succession than others. 

Have a beautiful weekend!
Stay cool!



  1. I just love Veronicastrum...they are so very elegant!

  2. I grow a couople of Veronicastrum - loved by the bees and such a good doer in my garden!

  3. I can't believe I just posted about Veronicastrum 'Inspiration'. These are a lot more upright than mine. Very happy with them, anyway, but I like these quite a bit. It would be great to grow the two varieties together.

  4. I love these and am hopeful mine will show up next year after planting a few roots this year.

  5. Super plant, must get some for my side border, it would fit in nicely.


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