Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Gardening Task #2: New perennials for fall planting

This is the next installment in my fall gardening tasks list and one of my favorite subjects: new plants! 

Fall is a great time to plant herbaceous perennials and shrubs: 
they will be invisibly developing their root systems under the ground all winter;
they require less additional watering in fall than summer plantings;
it does not matter how big a mess you make of the work area around your new addition because everything is about to freeze anyway;
and because in PA in October plants go on sale! Check your local nurseries for some treasures.

For the Shade Path garden: This post is also a welcome to some new, old friends... a celebration in finally owning some plants that I have long admired!
 Purple leaved Cimicifuga 'Chocoholic' to bloom alongside the Japanese Anemone
 A stately purple-leaved foliage plant that takes a while to establish its self, but is worth the wait. 
(Note to Bev: I have one now too!)
Common name: Bugbane
 If you are a forest lover, you might spot the green-leaved bugbane out on an autumn walk. Its astilbe-like foliage is topped by these crazy sweet wand blooms. A great addition to any shade garden for fall! Hardiness zones 4 to 8.
The scent of these flowers is intoxicating from many feet away! Swoon.

Another plant with astilbe-like foliage...
Aruncus dioicus. Common name: Goat's beard
This one is supposed to handle dry shade. We shall see! It gets wonderful while plumes in the summer. Hardiness zones 4 to 8.

One for the Back Woodland:
Anemone multiflida 'Rubra'
This one says sun to part shade, so I am going to try it in a spot that gets morning sun and late day sun... we shall see how it does. I love anemones. All of them. I could not pass up trying this one. The tag says it is hardy to zone 2!
I love the divided, geranium-like foliage.
And lest you think I have forgotten the sun gardens, or the overflow of purple flowers in need of some balance in the Driveway Garden:
Oso Easy Paprika. ahem... Landscape Rose.
I will admit to needing to swallow my plant snobbery when I first found myself seriously considering this plant. Could I sink to the level of a "landscape rose?" But the fact is that I would not be a good gardener if I passed up a plant that will fit the needs that I have: that is, add a serious kick of orange to this bed, add another smallish shrub for structure (tag says 2' x 3' max), and bloom all summer/fall.

If you decide that you too must give in, then know that it surely is hardy where you live, unless it is with the polar bears or in Ecuador (zones 3-9).

Happy plant shopping!


  1. Julie you are planting some of my favorites. I have not tried the Oso Easy roses yet. Let me know how they do. I hear they are wonderful. I too am planting lots of perennials and shrubs. Not sure how much longer my body will hold out in my flurry of activity to get it all done. Next up is bulb planting the next few weekends.

  2. Love buying new plants... and Fall is the best time! I need to find that Chocoholic.

  3. Right on! I am such a fan of fall plantings too...plus, the sales on plants can be amazing!!! I got 1/2 dozen Astrantias last fall just a few weeks before our first freeze for 60% off!!!

  4. I have the hardest time finding shade plants. I guess they're just not as showy, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. But I love landscape roses! They're so easy! I don't know Paprika, but it looks festive!

  5. By comments above, looks like everyone is enjoy the plants of the seasons and the bargains it can bring! Must get out to the shops here in Scotland too.

    Loving your plant choices here... with you on the Anemones... now I've never seen Annabella. Please to share how it gets on in your garden... with lots of photos please :-)

  6. Hello Julie! Just catching up with your blog. You have some gems going in here, look forward to seeing them filled out next year.



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