Friday, October 7, 2011

Native Flat-Topped Aster, Doellingeria umbellata

Doellingeria umbellata under Northern Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium).
I first pointed out our self-sown aster, Doellingeria umbellata in my GBBD September post. Here it is, pretending to be a cloud in my garden. Some seedlings sowed themselves two years ago by riding the wind from the railroad grade a couple of blocks from our home. They have been welcome intruders (well... it is more accurate to say it was one intruder, and that I have worked on sowing a few more around).

The Shade Path for the first week in October.
It's sprouts look much like the other asters I grow in my garden, which is how I came not to pull it out at first sight! I tried treating it like my other asters, shearing it down by half in June, and often again later in the season to make it good and bushy. It has worked well.

Close up of the flat-topped aster and sea oats
 It is positively covered in pollinators of all sorts, but especially honey bees and bumble bees. Highly recommended for sunny or part shade areas that are on the dry side. It does look better with something partly covering it from the knees down (like my impatiens). But beside having knobbly knees, it is perfectly lovely.


  1. I just love asters. And to think they came to your garden by themselves!

  2. They make a great foil for your fiery red impatiens. I love white in the garden to balance the splashes of color.

  3. Julie I also love these asters as they seed themselves around the garden. Yours are so full and beautiful.

  4. That border photo is a stunner. No wonder this aster is so welcome in your garden. It really looks lovely, all cloud-like. And it's a bonus that the it keeps the pollinators happy as well as the gardener. :)

  5. The Aster is a great flowering plant but your photography is so good that I want that picture of your garden on my Sites (Your Gardens) page with a link to your blog added. In fact I have done it. If you don't want this I wont be offended and will remove it. Alistair

  6. Very beautiful, especially with that thug northern sea oats with whom i have a love/hate relationship.


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