Friday, September 30, 2011

Japanese Anemones

(similar to Anemone x hybrida 'September Charm')
The pink variety graces the Front Walk and are also spotted here and there in some shadier areas.
The bees adore them, as do we.
Anemone with pink cosmos at their feet.

These anemones are one of the flowers that I look forward most to in September. Their foliage fills out the garden nicely with some bulk from June onward. Read more about the place it has in our succession planting in the Front Walk in my article on Allium christophii (one of its boarder neighbors), or with the full September planting for GBBD.

A pale pink reflection...
In the Back Woodland


  1. Bees adore them, and so do deer, at least in my area. All my flowers have been nipped off, leaving the bare stems waving at the sky. I'll try again next year, and if they are still eaten I'll have to move them, perhaps to a friend's yard that doesn't have as much of a deer problem.

  2. Very pretty. They look beautiful planted next to your birdbath.

  3. I love these. When I visited the gardens at the Cloisters in NY last year I decided I must have this plant in my garden. I put one in this spring but no blooms yet. Perhaps it isn't getting enough sunlight? Anyway, your photos are stunning and I especially like the reflections!

  4. I love these too although they do like a drink now and then. Now that we're getting some much-needed rain, mine should perk up. Great photos!

  5. This is a beautiful post! The bee captures are so special. Nice reflection shot too!



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