Monday, September 12, 2011

Foxglove Surprise!

Being a creature of habit,  my usual walk around the garden almost always means:  
a start at the gate to the Shade Path, walking toward the Circle Lawn and Cherry Corner, puttering along the Front Walk, circling around the Hill Garden, tramping along the front sidewalk where I can appreciate the Front Woodland, rounding the corner (Cherry C. again from the other side) and then savoring the lower view of the Shade Path from the sidewalk. To the right at this point is the site of my new planting area (new gardens are the most exciting adventures!).

One day last week while taking this lovely stroll, I was totally surprised to find not just one blooming straggler, but three large groups of yellow perennial foxgloves (Digitalis grandiflora). After their terrific bloom in June, I always cut them back to the first set of leaves so that the new little flower side-shoots can have a chance to bloom, though this is often with mixed results (from October 2010).  This year, the groups that receive a bit more sun near the Circle Lawn are all in their glory again.

Speechless delight! well... maybe verbose delight. And the bees were taking it all in too.
Yellow foxgloves and dark-leaved begonias under-planted with Sedum 'Acre' and backed by self-sown native flat-topped aster (Doellingeria unbellata).

Bumble bee admiring #1
Bumble bee sniffing #2
Bumble Bee pushing past the petals #3
Bumble Bee hiding in #4
Lovely winged ballet
I love the yellow with the dark pink together!
Bottoms up :)
Check back on the Thursday of this week for a full view of the Shade Path for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!


  1. I had foxgloves flowering for the first time this year and the pale ones (cream and white) were my favourites. They attracted so many bees I began to feel quite oppressed by the noise and wished they'd go away. ('Bee-loud glade' took on meaning!') I have no new flowers like you though. No wonder you are pleased to see these old summer friends.

  2. Nice to get an unexpected surprise like that. Foxgloves are one of my faves.

  3. Love all the bee shots:) The yellow looks really pretty against the blurred pink back round.

  4. I really like the unusual combination - late-summer plants with the foxglove blooms.

  5. Absolute delight. What a perfect shade of yellow. I still regret leaving behind a table of those babies, after nurturing them through two winters at the nursery.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. I, too, have a certain way to walk around the garden every morning. And it's so funny that things can still take us by surprise! Love your foxgloves. I've always admired these plants.

  7. I am glad I saw your posting Julie. I just planted a Yellow Foxglove and now I know how pretty it is going to be. Great shots.

  8. Dear Julie, I took the walk with you, clicking on all your links, so I could get a real 'feel' for your garden. Lovely! I never thought to cut foxgloves back after blooming - I always leave them to go to seed completely, so they will reseed themselves. I'll have to try your method. I must take you on my morning walk in a blog posting soon. Pam x

  9. I love this perennial foxglove--it's a great color. I have the other species with smaller yellow flowers, Digitalis lutea, sell sowing in my wild area.

  10. Great shots...I bet he comes out of that deep foxglove bloom covered in pollen.

  11. Julie, magnificent scenes! I actually laughed out loud when I scrolled over the last image. Brilliant captures; excellent post!

  12. What a great surprise! It looks like the only ones who are even happier are the bees!


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