Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allium tuberosum

The garlic chive, Allium tuberosum, originates from Asia.

I chose to seed it into the Hill Garden a couple of years ago because I felt that the palette needed a bit of a lift from all of the vibrant colors of fall provided by the sedums, roses and barberry bushes.
(See September GBBD for the full Hill Garden planting.)

Beloved of all pollinators... even the scary ones!
It created quite the fly zone when it first burst its flowers open!

I am very happy with the lightness it adds to the whole planting, and have started some more babies this year. It takes two years to flower from seed, but then quickly bulks up into nice clumps. It is thriving here in well-drained soil and full sun.

The last great Allium for the year! 

Other alliums around Gilmore Gardens this year included: A. 'Purple Sensation' in mid-spring in the Front Walk; A. christophii in the same location; and A. sphaerocephalon in the Driveway Garden.

And there will be more addition for next year; Allium multibulbosum is on my bulb order as of this week


  1. I join you in enjoying the light and refreshing splash of white.

  2. I just love alliums, and I really like this white color. I need more - thanks for reminding me to order some!

  3. It really captures the light in a unique way. So many varieties of Alliums--one could have an entire garden bed with them alone and still have plenty of variety. These are beautiful!

  4. These and parsley flowers are some of my favorite to shoot. You've captured these beautifully! Well done.

  5. I love these and how you incorporated them into your bed!

  6. Informative post! I like the delicate blooms. I planted one garlic chive in my herb garden this year, and now I know what is to come.


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