Monday, March 7, 2011

One Spring's Day...

I love Spring!

   It is my favorite and there are many reasons... but one of the best is that in just one day it can go from snowy and hopeless to full bloom when the sun is out. Here is a great example.

Both of these photos were taken just hours apart from each other.

 Yucca ssp. with Crocus 'Goldilocks' and Iris reticulata 'Gordon' (left and below)... snowy in the morning when I went out for my run, and then dry and open at mid-day.


Below is same clump of C. tommasinianus at 8am and then at 1pm.

Again, the same clump of C. 'Goldilocks' in the morning and then at lunchtime.

   Gardening is full of hope... and vision (ie. seeing things that are not yet there).   For me, it is all about trying to create the picture that is already living in my head, so that it can be seen by others.  It is a matter of waiting... sometimes just a day.


  1. Hi. I saw your comment on One's post and thought I would pop over! Welcome to Blotanical! I'm sure you'll find it as welcoming and full of wonderful gardeners as I have. I enjoyed looking over your blog. The difference a few hours of sun can make is amazing! I wrote a post a week or so ago about watching the grass grow - it was literally turning green before my eyes! Spring is on its way for sure! ~Cat - the whimsical gardener

  2. Oh, this is lovely! I like to say that "spring is a verb," but it's not always such an active verb as what you captured here. What a magical day - like in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," where spring unfolds all at once.

  3. Lovely reminders of the 'promise of Spring'! (I have to plant more early risers this year.) Your gardens are so welcoming. Welcome to Blotanical - I think you are going to enjoy the folks you meet there! --Shyrlene (The Bunnies Buffet)

  4. I can already see our crocus's popping up in our garden. As well as some baby daffodils:)
    I am so excited to start my little shade garden in the woods this year!

  5. I do not have any early risers. You post really makes me wish I did. Thanks for the motivation. If only I could remember in the Fall.

  6. Wow! I am truly impressed with the changes in just a short period of time! Nature is amazing! Love your sentence "It is about trying to create the picture that is already living in my head, so it can be seen by others." That's exactly how I feel. Thanks for coming by my blog. I have enjoyed yours.

  7. March is a teaser to be sure. Lovely photos of your spring blooms!

  8. What a difference! Your photos are lovely.


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