Friday, March 25, 2011

Color for the weekend...

Tulipa 'Queen of the Night', echoing the deep purple tones of Heuchra 'Palace Purple' behind it.
Also some strappy and sprightly daylily foliage (Hemerocallis fulva).

Planted by moi, in the tiny side garden at our first apartment ~ May 2007

     With "Color for the weekend," I will be delving into the tremendous store of old photo I have from before my writing days to share with you all.  Hopefully they will be an inspiring end to your week!


  1. Queen of Night is the tulip I'd choose if ever I decide to once again prove that I can bring tulips into flower in the deep south. Or maybe Jan Reus. Once a bulb catalog is in my hand I get crazier. Maybe I should just repost my triumps from another year and plant more hyacinths. Purples are my favs either way.

  2. Thanks -- I'd forgotten how much I like Queen of the Night. A couple of years ago I had pots by my front door filled with that and a tall white (can't remember which one). They were amazing - and I must remember to get some more this year...

  3. Gorgeous photo. I had not realized there was so much red in that tulip. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will return.

  4. What a gorgeous color of that tulip! I'm going to have to write that one down for next year.

  5. That is a beautiful one! Such intense color!

  6. What a beautiful variety of tulip! I don't have any tulips yet, but this inspires me to consider planting some soon.


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