Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Crocus tommasinianus...

     Our backyard is covered in these little gems...  
               and they were a total surprise!
                The best kind of surprise that a gardener could hope for. 

     We had moved into our new home in the fall of 2007 all aglow with the excitement of getting to finally have our own garden.  The yard was a very typical town lot, lots of grass, a few mature trees and not much else.  We started out by tearing up sod for the Shade Path Garden, the Driveway Garden which would help keep our young daughter safely away from cars, and by adding a boarder of evergreens around the front of the property.

     That first winter was a long one, waiting for our second daughter to be born.  Shortly after her birthday on Feb 21st while I was muddling around the house in my postpartum daze, I opened the back door to call out something to my husband, and there they were...  I was stunned.  Beautiful!   

I am sure I cried.  

     I am so thankful for the gardener who began them long ago... who planted those dried bulbs in the cold fall, anticipating the dozen that would grow from them.  And here they are, numbering in the hundreds and part of our present excitement... 
the crowning start to our bloom this year.


  1. I like the name of your blog. I planted C. tomm. about 18 years ago and they have spread everywhere. In full bloom now and I love them. Have you tried the cultivar 'Ruby Giant'--amazing color.

  2. Amazing! I also would be thankful to the previous owners who planted these bulbs. Flowers are oh so pretty and your photographs are very, very good!
    Welcome to Blotanical!

  3. What a beautiful field of crocus blooms! You are lucky to have so many.

  4. Thanks everyone! I have not tried 'Ruby Giant' yet... I do have Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor' in the turf of our front Lawn Circle. It will be a while til it shows up since it is nearer the Shade Path. It makes me just giddy to see so many flowers at once... kind of crave large swaths of color.

  5. I remember being at your house when they crocus's started to bloom... Grace and Anna running about plucking one or two off the ground and placing them in the safety of the back stairs...or running away from the occasional bee that interrupted their fun:)
    Fun memories! Looking forward to making more this year!

  6. beautiful surprise and what a wonderful gardener who planted this lovely surprise for you....

  7. How wonderful! They are my favorite crocus and I've planted them and will continue to plant them. gail

  8. What a fabulous sight! I planted 1,000 tommies this past September, hope I see this sight myself.

  9. How beautiful and how lucky to have inherited these gems! You, Gail and Deborah are inspiring me to want to try planting these too. Beautiful photographs! I am so glad to have found your blog.


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