Saturday, April 12, 2014

Snowdrops at Havenwood!

Galanthus elwesii is the very first flowers in our new garden.
While the flowers have been popping up everywhere at Gilmore Gardens this April, we have been a bit disappointed not to see the new bulbs that we planted at Havenwood yet. It has been my experience that many newly planted bulbs take a bit long to pop up in the spring than the older naturalized ones, and we will keep hoping that is the case.

We were out for our first family evening of gardening last week, when my husband saw these pretties behind our falling down shed...

This is a lower, littler wetter spot in the garden, which snowdrops prefer. They also like shade in the summer months; they are very happy under deciduous trees.
Galanthus elwesii will slowly spread around your garden and keep blooming for years... these have likely been here for a number of years.
Here we are an hour later that evening... raking, mulching and having a good time :)
We are looking forward to many more flowers here in the years to come.

Is anything growing in your garden yet this spring?


  1. How wonderful to have some snowdrops to welcome you to your new garden. It will be an exciting year, waiting to see what else pops up for you.

  2. Nice to see the snowdrops in your garden and I see you have some good helpers there.


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