Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Gardener's Laundry Room & other Vignettes...

Shelf in my basement laundry room.
I have always wanted a pretty laundry room, mostly to help me actually enjoy being down in the basement folding, folding away. After a bit of tear out and painting, the basement in Havenwood works really well for doing just that... adding a bit of green and bling.

I sewed this pleated skirt for my folding table from brown striped french ticking. The mini chandelier is from my girls old room at Gilmore Gardens, but I snagged it for over the table. The painting is yet another Monet, Field of Poppies. It brings the open air down into this cellar room.
Ode to my washing machine... long may it run :) My grandmother's colorful table cloth is keeping it company.
Upstairs in the dining room, my grandmother's hutch is looking pretty...
And the overloaded bookcase in the living room is full of nonfiction favorites... including a row and a half of gardening books.
Florist $5 tulips are a must this year as we wait for the real ones to finally come.
There certainly are things around our house that are not beautiful... projects unfinished, dirt clods up and down the steps, curtains hung with blue laundry clips, dirty pans in the sink, etc. But it is stopping to enjoy the little things that is so encouraging to keep up the fight for order everyday in a house of five people. Thanks for letting me sharing them with you this week!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Wow - love the green vase with purple!

  2. I love what you did with the laundry room in the unfinished basement. You made it look beautiful! I wish mine looked as good. I finally started taking all the laundry upstairs and just folding on the kitchen table so that I could be by everyone and not stuck in the dungeon! LOL


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