Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Shade Path in July

See the bee on the right?
July was for savoring. 
We had a wonderful July here in PA. Pretty hot, but with a good rain at the end. Here are some ethereal moments captured by the shutter in mid-July on the Shade Path.

This is the fourth flush of flowers to fill this area this year. The bloom in the Shade Path started with the crocus, iris reticulata and helleborus in April; then the river of forget-me-nots (Myosotis) and Narcissus 'Thalia' in May; the bright and full display of foxgloves (Digitalis) in June (which I missed posting on as of yet!); and now to the stalwarts of summer: hosta, impatients and begonias.

Looking toward the Circle Lawn

 In the past, I would have snubbed my nose at these dwarf-bred begonias. And they certainly are nothing like the ones that I marvel at in humid tropical conservatory gardens, but I really like them at the edge of the Shade Path this year. I love adding some dark foliage to the mostly green hostas that remain. And I like their pastel pink blooms for this area of the garden; they help make it a restful stroll down the length of the house.

Looking toward the gate
Another angle to marvel at our mature maples; I like them a little bit. I am thinking about adding an ornamental tree on the right to be seen out side of our bay window, but also thinking about our need to plant new young shade trees soon.

And one more ethereal glimpse of our Shade Path from July...
Looking toward the Circle Lawn
 Grace, my daughter, is learning how to get the best angles. :) She is growing so fast. Some days I am starting to feel that childhood is as fleeting as those hot July days... which as of this week, are gone.


  1. Your garden is so beautiful, Julie!
    I always look forward to reading your posts and seeing your wonderful pictures!

  2. Looks like your daughter is following in your footsteps--grabbing some macros there, and she's really stretching to get exactly the right angle. :)

  3. Lovely looking shade garden. I really must get cracking on mine.

  4. I almost mentioned to you on our run, "keep including pictures of your kids". And here you did it! Yes, their little years are as fleeting as our precious summer days. Also, I was just pondering yesterday what you were going to plant to eventually take the place of the huge tree in your backyard. Love ya, Bev

  5. Hvor har du en dejlig have og smukke blomster.
    Sød pige.
    Tak for kigget.

  6. Cute pic of Grace concentrating on her camera angle! Your mature trees are so impressive. What a fabulous feature to have! I'm envious of your rain.

  7. Lovely shade garden! Your garden is always such a pleasure to see.

  8. What a darling shot of your daughter in the garden. Your shade garden is delightful. I love the dappled light that the trees provide.


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