Friday, August 12, 2011

Flying Squirrely Night Visitor

In a wonderful "wife" moment last evening, my husband and I were sitting out on our Patio enjoying some hot tea in our cooler weather. After a full day of being "mother" by chasing, reading, feeding, cleaning (always feeding then cleaning), coloring, snuggling, it was a great rest. (We had also squeezed in a little "gardener" with a quick trip to the small local nursery after dinner to grab some plants. Sorry we missed you, Joel!)

So, we are enjoying our after dark tea and conversation, when hubby spots a little creature making leaps to our bird feeder. It is so dark that it is difficult to see anything but its outline, and that is brief because it is so quick!  I snuck inside to get my camera, and the flash reveled our visitor - a flying squirrel right in the middle of town!

I lightened these photos a little so they could be seen better.
We watched him jump back and forth to the feeder in shadow-form for about twenty minutes. It was not until I snapped a picture between his jumps that we knew he was staying in the front of the tree to look at us. Sorry for the lack of focus on the next couple of photos; rather tough in the dark.
You can see his little pouchy "wings".

And with a little teamwork, we managed to shine a flashlight and get a little video clip of him jumping to the feeder to show our kids (and you all of course). 

(If you are reading this on email, you will need to go to Wife, Mother, Gardener to view the video.)

Great fun on a Thursday night!
Hope you are able to enjoy a few more magical moments this summer!!


  1. I'm still proud of myself for recognizing it by the silhouette, before you got the camera. =)

    Great pictures and re-telling. Thanks for capturing it!

  2. How wonderful you had one at your feeder. We use to see them all the time in the woods surrounding us. But it has been years since I saw one. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Awwww!! He's so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. How interesting. I don't know that we have them in my neck of the woods. They sure are fast and stealth. A nice ending to a busy day.

  5. How fun to be able to see this! I hope he stays around for you.

  6. Sneaky little guy. Sounds like that was a fun adventure. Thanks for sharing the story!

  7. What a great experience and photo! I thought they were exotic animals! Just goes to show how important it is to wait, watch, and listen in the dark. :)

  8. Wonderful! I am intrigued by how he hangs by his tail...thanks for sharing such a wonderfully incredible sight.


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