Friday, April 22, 2011

Vivid Colors at Phipps Conservatory Spring Show

   Flash back to 2009... My friend Emily & I took our three toddlers (my little girls then 3 & 1) to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA for their Spring Show.  It was a tulip-filled day of chasing and photographing toddlers all around the glass houses. 

Knock-out vivid colors were the theme for the year. Lots of oranges with purples... red with blue.
And there they go again... Anna at one-year-old, Grace the three-year-old, and Emily's boy Josiah, a precocious two.  They could not have been any cuter while parading through the Sunken Garden. Go here for an interactive tour of the conservatory.

 Wow! Now there is some color to cure a spring fever. These combinations with bulbs and pansies were in the Serpentine Room.

I could not leave out a few shots from their Orchid Room.  This room has a tight path winding through chest-high walls of mountainous-like rocks dripping with orchids, tropical greenery and Spanish moss. Another beautiful, humid experience for the winter weary gardener.
Tulips, snapdragons and ever-so-neatly clipped box in the Broderie Room.  This room was like a fairytale dream to my child's heart.  Here is where they have posted info about renting their facilities for a wedding, so I guess I was not alone in my romantic musings.

An intoxicated sniffer... 
Grace Noel taking after her mommy.  

Just look at that dreamy smile below!

 Anna Rose grabbing all the petals she can reach.


I love this, orange and purple. 

 Yellow and blue with red accents... in the planting boxes around the Victoria Room.

Make sure you do not miss your sneak peek at this year's Phipps Spring Show 2011!
Also, make sure to check back on Sat. April 23rd for a gorgeous photo from Phipps' waterlily gardens!


  1. Amazing pics!! So grateful you shared your experience. Being on the other coast makes it hard to get to this, but will add this garden to my list of "must-visits" in the future, what a wonderland of color! And what cute "future gardeners" ;)

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for the virtual tour, I have not seen such vibrant colors in awhile. Grace posing with tulips is adorable.

  3. Thanks for writing this up for those of us who couldn't go see it in person.

  4. Gorgeous! These are some beautiful pics - and what a beautiful show! I love those hot, vivid colors.

  5. Wow. What a stunning show that must have been! There are so many beautiful color combinations!
    Makes me even more excited to go and visits Phipps sometime:)

  6. gorgeous colors..I love the orange with the purple..the best though are those sweet babies...just beautiful...

  7. The opening photos of the conservatory full of orange and purple tulips are so gorgeous--my favorite color combination in the garden. What a great place to visit.

  8. Boy, could I get lost here. Your images are wonderful and I love the ones of the kids. So expressive.

  9. wow!! The first photo had me drooling immediately!
    i cant wait for my blooms! Thank you for sharing- and yes - a great photo of Grace!!

  10. Your children are darling, Julie! You are a great "garden" raising those beautiful plants! Phipps Conservatory is a beautiful place to visit. I would live there all winter if it were close to me. I too love the pink, orange, and purple combination. I'll have to incorporate this combo in my garden. Happy Easter!


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