Thursday, March 15, 2012

GBBD at Gilmore Gardens ~ March 2012

Crocus tommasinianus in our backyard at Gilmore Gardens
Welcome to our small-town garden in Pennsylvania, zone 5. We are so pleased to be welcoming spring earlier this year, and are thoroughly enjoying the temperatures in the upper 60 degrees F (16 C) this week! I am sure that we will have snow again, more than one more time. But we are not going to think about that right now.
Everything is popping around Gilmore Gardens. Here are a few shots that I captured this week:
This Crocus vernus in a hot place near our back door is the first of its kind this year. I planted a couple hundred in the front borders, but I expect them later since it is quite a bit colder on the north side of our house.
Another photo of Crocus chrysanthus 'Goldilocks' in the Driveway Garden. This one show the striping on the side petals.
Moving around to the slope outside of our fence, you can see what I have called the "Tapestry Garden." This is an area where we killed off the turf (mowing on this slope, ugh!), and then planted hardy ivy, which has proven to be incredibly slow growing here. So, other easily divided plant alternatives have been added: Geranium macrorrhizum, Ajuga reptans, Stachys byzantine.
Crocus tommasinianus has found its way to a nice combination on this slope with Ajuga reptans and moss.
In the Circle Lawn, Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor' is starting to bloom.  And in the back of this photo you can see the Shade Path, which has a few little pretties also...
Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor'
Galanthus elwesii on the Shade Path
A beauty that I have been waiting for since I first say it last year in Rosie's bloom day: Iris histrioides 'Katharine Hodgkin'. Just a few are blooming now; such delicate markings.
Galanthus 'Flore Pleno' stands out with the fresh compost already in place for the season.

As I walked down to the Front Woodland to check for some crocuses, I was accompanied by my little photography buddy. She soon had spotted what I was looking for and set to business getting the shot:
My daughter in proper garden photography style!
After I waited for my turn, I was able to take this photo:
Crocus biflorus ssp. isauricus 'Spring Beauty' with beautiful purple flames on alternating petals.
We are a homeschooling family, so this is what we call Botany class. :)
We also found this vivid moss sending up its flowering shoots. Such a green delight in March!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
Check out what is blooming in other gardens around the world at May Dreams.


  1. Cudowna wiosna, z duża ilością pięknych krokusów zawitała u Was. U nas niestety tak ślicznie jeszcze nie jest :(. Pozdrawiam.*** Wonderful spring, with lots of beautiful crocuses arrived at you. We unfortunately still is not pretty. Yours.

  2. I enjoy the crocuses more every year.

  3. Oh, the Tommies and all their kin and friends! What a Bloom Day.

  4. a beautyful crocus-tricolor and de iris have a nice color! groet uit Holland.

  5. Crocuses and snowdrops - harbingers of spring where I come from - though not where I live. I can almost smell that lovely early spring air!

  6. I too have a horrible slope, that is so difficult to cut. I have been replacing it (slowly) with periwinkle, but I like your 'tapestry' look.

  7. All those crocus are amazing! Just wonderful. And I love the pic with the bee on it. I haven't seen any bees on my crocus. Love that iris, too. What a beauty. I smiled when I saw your garden photographer in that position! I thought that only us crazy bloggers did that! :)

  8. Such lovely crocus and a super treatment for your slope, spring is certainly with us now and showing us all the beautiful seasonal flowers, such a wonderful time of year!

  9. Happy Bloom Day :) If you need ivy I have more than I can handle in Tennessee. I think it's going to take a months worth of weekends to clear the yard at my new house!

  10. How pretty , love the pics of your photo buddy

    Elaine S.

  11. Love the photograph of your "photographer" :)

  12. I adore your crocus...and your photo buddy is a great study...amazing flower pic!

  13. Beautiful photos of those little flowers! I don't know how you can walk around without stepping on a gorgeous flower. I'd have to tippy toe.
    Great to see your daughter catching the gardening bug.
    Wish my two teenage sons would re-catch it. Maybe when they are older all those hours spent in the garden will come back into their memories. Right now they're lured away by electronic gizmos. (sigh)
    Happy GBBD.

  14. I like how your crocus naturalized. It is so pretty blooming with abandon.

  15. Awww, how nice to have a garden photo buddy! My kids aren't into gardening as much, although my son is turning into a pretty talented photographer. Love the Crocuses everywhere! How neat that you have them all identified. All my Crocuses were here when I moved in, so I'm not sure what variety they are--maybe C. vernus? Layanee at "Ledge and Gardens" has a similar shot of 'Katharine Hodgkin' on her GBBD post. You're both convincing me that would be a great addition to the garden!

  16. The most beautiful photo here is the one of the little photographer/gardener!

  17. A belated GBBD. All the crocus look superb but it is the Iris that stole my heart. Christina

  18. love the moss photo. Homeschooling can be so rewarded for both children and adults. You should get a bumper sticker: I honk for crocus.

  19. Beautiful post...and I LOVE that your daughter joined in...double the fun!


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