Friday, March 2, 2012

Color for the Weekend...

The Orchid Room at Phipps Conservatory
Photo taken December 2011.
More on Phipps' beautiful Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA... Spring show 2009; Spring show 2011.


  1. Lovely - I can just imagine the heavenly aroma of damp earth!

    have a great weekend - Brenda

  2. Beautiful! I have an orchid that is just about to burst into bloom. They are suppose to be the easiest plants to grow but for some reason I am challenged when it comes to these plants.

  3. So pretty, such a natural looking display too.

  4. Wonderful Orchids, they are so beautifuland a delight to have at home. You've reminded me, must go and water mine!

  5. Love the color Julie...happy weekend...we are having a gorgeous Sat.

  6. Beautiful! My Orchid is still alive, so I'm thrilled. They are incredible flowers. Good to know about the Orchid Room in case I have a trip to Pittsburgh.


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