Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christopher Lloyd's dare to be Adventurous with Color

The Front Walk at Gilmore Gardens in May
"I often practice colour harmonies myself. But just consider what you may be missing if you stick only in that groove... I do believe that excitement is an essential element in the most successful gardening."
Christopher Lloyd


  1. When I first started in floral design, I loved colour harmony, but after a few years got bored with it. Now I love a bit more of a colour clash, orange and pink, pink and yellow, I just find it a bit more exciting. (But I still love a good monochromatic as well).

  2. Colour harmony is very restful by a sitting area, don't think I would sit for very long surrounded by reds and oranges! I like all colours, just feel we have to be careful where we put them!

  3. Oh, I totally agree! I think about all the colors of Zinnias, and how you wouldn't usually think to put them together. But they look amazing in an arrangement. Sometimes calming harmony in colors is preferred--it depends on the garden "room" and my mood. :) Your Tulips are lovely!

  4. I just love the color combo in that photo! I would never have come up with the idea of putting soft pinks and violet with yellow foliage, nor would I have had the guts - but it looks splendid. You have a real eye for plants and use them so creatively.


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