Friday, August 4, 2017

UK Gardens

Well, I finally made it! After all these long years of waiting, my hubby and I were able to take a nice eleven day trip to the UK in June.

It was wonderful in so many ways, but, certainly, the gardens rose to the top for me. Walking first into Barnsley was like walking into my own dream, though in many ways it is a very real and imperfect garden.

The same was true of Hidcote, Sissinghurst and Great Dixter. The latter, however, is the garden out of the old favorites that glows even more brightly precisely because of its imperfection. 
Hidcote Manor, White Garden
Hidcote Manor, Red Border
Rosa 'Meg' at Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
Entrance to Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
Great Dixter, East Sussex
Great Dixter, East Sussex
Blue & yellow against Great Dixter house
Two favorite new gardens were the David Austin Rose garden at their nursery in Shropshire, and Wollerton Old Hall in Market Drayton. 
David Austin Rose Garden
Wollerton Old Hall
Wollerton Old Hall
 I'll be digesting more of our garden visits for a while on my Instagram at WMGardener.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you are having a lovely gardening season,

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