Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Autumn views around Havenwood

Last photo of the dahlias and cannas unmarred before frost.

Hello friends! There is so much busy living and gardening going on around our little world right now. Here is a glimpse...

Amazing maple color!

The Lavender 'Phenomenal', Sedum 'Autumn Joy' and Juniper 'Skyrocket' hedge has been a hit from beginning to end this year.

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Beautiful November to you! 


  1. Beautiful! I think your foliage color is more vibrant than ours this year because of our warm weather (no frost yet!) and excessive rainfall. Still, autumn is always a vibrant season. Your Dahlias are gorgeous, too!

    1. Thanks Beth! Yes, that frost is the magic that does it to the trees. Every year it is nice to know that even though many things in the garden will die as a result, the frost will light up the trees.

  2. Your maples are of an outstanding beauty!


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