Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Rose Garden in August

Pink Canna, white baby's breath (Gypsophilia) and blue Agastache.
August is here and has thankfully brought back the rain to Havenwood. We were in a low grade drought status until the clouds finally let loose two weeks ago and it has been very rainy since. 
The borders are being refreshed by it, especially as I did a lot of cutting back of the ragged early summer perennials in July.  Everything is starting to green up again.  

Pink it is!
Annual Cleome
Trying out some pink fountain grass in the Rose Garden, Pennistem 'Karly Rose'.
Lily 'Honeymoon' lighting up the whole garden with its color & fragrance.
My favorite section in July.... Hemerocallis 'Nosferatu', purple ninebark, panicum grass, Joe Pye weed.
Thanks for looking around!

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Sweet summer days to you!,


  1. It looks lovely! You make great use of the Cleomes, Lilies, and Cannas. :)

  2. Beautiful sunny photos of your garden. That Hemerocallis ' Nosferatu' is a beautiful one and I love Cleomes, they are just starting to flower here.

  3. Beautiful photos Julie. Love the pink Cannas. I tried growing some from seed this year and they all took and are beautifully blooming. I need to get some pink seeds. I only have red and yellow. Love the pinks. I love how everything looks in this post. Was curious (for a long time) on your planting strategy for the rose garden. It seems to have very little roses..LOL. Love your posts. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks Margaret! You will just have to keep watching... there are 13 rose varieties in it so far, most of which will be 5'x5', and one of which will someday be 40' tall and eating our house! So... patience ;)


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