Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Are My Bulbs OK in the Snow???

Crocus tommasinianus in the snow...
People always ask, "Are my bulbs are going to be ok coming up in harsh winter weather?" 

"My tulips are poking up and it is only January! Are they going to be ok?" 

The answer 90% of the time is: Yes! They were made for it!

Snow, freezing temperatures and rain alternate with warm sunny days in our area. These early spring flowers were designed to withstand these changes. They are much more forgiving than people are!

Crocuses, daffodils, snowdrops often have early foliage up before Christmas even very cold in our zone 5. That is not abnormal. The snow and cold will not both them, except in the most extreme of circumstances.

What will get them is usually one thing... or maybe I should say many things... the animals! 

When these young, tender shoots come up, and we gardeners are not out watching as often, the rabbits, chipmunks and deer take full advantage of the early salad bar. But even this is usually limited to the tasty bulbs... tulips and some crocuses. We have had a few snowdrops snipped off mid-bloom, however, by a taste-testing bunny.

This year due to our very warm early winter, our the Lenten roses (not a bulbs, but early flowering perennials) were nearly in full bloom in January! Then our frigid zero degrees hit. Those buds are now blackened and will likely not recover. But there are new buds already popping up from those same plants already as the warmer weather arrives for spring. They are showing their resilience against the worst that nature had to throw at them. 

It is normal to be a bit worried about your bulbs in the snow... but never fear. 
I hope this gives you a bit of hope as you continue to wait for your spring flowers!
Never give up hope :) 

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